Youtube Feed 1/21/2016

— Youtube Feed 1/21/2016 —



This is a story of bees, or the replacements, if the bees go extinct. What ever it is, it’s sparks thoughts on the subject. Save the bees, or we will be invaded by the robot bees.





I always wondered about this, and it brings it to a more understandable perspective. The difference from the political and religious mixes of govts, it seems so foreign from me. The govt is so fickle and dirty, and the mixing of religions with their rigid laws and regulations, seems a dangerous mix, like washing your clothes with sewer water.

It may look clean, but you washed it in dirty water.





This is theory at best, but they are setting up telescopes to see if they can see it. It shouldn’t be hard, because they think its 5-10 times the size of earth. It’s hard to believe this planet hasn’t been seen yet, but it would explain the abnormal orbit of Pluto around our Sun.

The gravity of this planet would set Pluto in abnormal pattern around our sun.





This is a very well articulated history of the Middle East conflicts, discussing the mess, and it’s causes. I would love peace to be the food of all mankind, but I know the diversity that is involved, and trying to make sense that is common to all involved.

It’s like trying to make sense of a stormy sea, the diversity of causes to make the sea stormy. You need to know about low pressures, temperatures, and water temperatures, and not to discuss the winds. I’m not a geologist, but I guess there are many more factors to discuss.

Can you explain it, so that it makes sense to all?

It brings it to a more clearer perspective, at least for me… it closes gaps in my knowledge.





This is the last in the featured videos from the youtube feed, it’s a musical video from Redwood Son discussing sobriety. This is the one that was on youtube’s feed, but I thought this one was more clearer of the message of the video.