Wounded Knee, Marijuana, and Seeker Headlines

— Wounded Knee, Marijuana, and Seeker Headlines of My Life —


I saw the movie Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee a few days ago.

I was confused to the actual story of Wounded Knee. Thus, I learned of the true story of what happened. To me it was always something that happened in the 1973, but I learned it happened over a 125 years ago.

It also involved Sitting Bull, who was famous for Custer’s Last Stand. Here is an excerpt of the movie Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.



The death of Sitting Bull during the Wounded Knee massacre. What a sad event.



Russell Means addresses The Senate

I looked for more videos on Wounded Knee, and I came across this speech by Russel Means before the Senate. It gives a detailed history of American Natives, and their dealings with US Govt. The both sides revealed their wrong doings. It covers all sides.



Every native American has a right, like any other person’s right. The theft of their land by imminent domain of the US Govt, needs to be restored and rectified, rather than setting them up on reservations.

Which they could be compared to outdoor prisons. Where the tribal Govts are modeled after the colonists rules.

It’s true that native Americans fought between each other, but that is not any different from our perpetual wars.

Where we go to war with other nations, that are mostly White.


The days where we went to war with the middle east during the Crusades in the middle ages. Whatever country we came from before America, we sought to set the world aligned in our belief systems. How despotic is that?

We judge the native Americans as savage. But they’re not that savage, to do the same things we do with our civilized actions. We are the same as the blacks, reds, yellows, browns, and white people. First of all, we all bleed red, it’s only our skins that are different.


Marijuana Re-Scheduling

This is another video I came across in the headlines today by Ben Swann.

It talks of Marijuana still not being re-labeled as legal by the DEA, which is not an elected institution. It’s created or assigned by some president, namely Nixon.

I’m a strong silent advocate of legalization. I see the hypocrisy of our govt, and all the hard truth that it contains.



Patent claiming, and denying it has medical value. The classic denier tactic, the true liar.

It goes to show things I have known, since I joined FB in 2011. That the 1974 studies that marijuana is curing cancer in rodents, and that got buried quickly by the DEA.

I knew that the Federal Govt was evil.

Alright… a little overboard on my assumptions. The institutions, not elected by the people, are evil. Not the people who work for them. They are only misguided. They are the victims of the govt’s lies and power too.

Legalize hemp/cannabis/marijuana… it’s inevitable. It was legal before the fear instilled into society during Roosevelt’s presidency.


Seeker Quests

Also another insight by Jason Silva “we are the miracle” of life.



We believe we are the seekers of truth, first and foremost. We need to be rational, and reasoning towards clarity with a sober mind.

We could explore the mind expanding drugs, but rationally. Instead of taking a trip for tripping’s sake, it should be done rationally and consciously.

Be a seeker of truth first and foremost, but be a seeker all the same. You might find lies and hurts, but they’re only stumbling blocks in your path. Climb over them and continue to seek out the truth.