The Worst Parents that I never knew

— The Worst Parents that I never knew existed—


The worst parents that makes me glad, that I had my Parents. It’s a strange world that some people are blessed with parenthood, while other’s are cursed with childless lives. They have so much love to give, and some people have no one to give it to. The mazes that exist in this kingdom of God, is so complicated. It’s easy to get lost, especially if you drink and drown your sorrows. It only feeds the sorrow machine, to make more sorrows.

I saw this one of Joe Kennedy giving his daughter a lobotomy in 1941, and it failed at its goal. Rose Marie was institutionalized in Wisconsin. Talk about bad parenting, blaming the child cause of your failures.

I guess I’m grateful for not trying the parenting thing. I was a godparent a couple of times, and I didn’t handle that well.

I get too involved where the stress is growing like a fungus… they’re all grown up now. If I was a biological parent, my kids would have contributed to my stroke, rather than the dogs.



The worst parents, there are many more, that you don’t hear about. I wonder how many that you don’t hear about. I guess they will meet their maker, and justice will be served.

I was just amazed at Joe Kennedy giving someone he loved a lobotomy, to quench her mood swings. Who does that to someone he loves?

The joys of parenting has become the horrors of parenting. Parenting is something that I know nothing of, except that it’s true love that makes it an acceptable burden. The children that you produce should shine from your love’s polishing, shine like gems in the crowns of their lives.

I read scripture just recently, and my writing style is reflecting that. The secrets of the kingdom of God is inside of you.

So with the closing to be written by God, I’ll leave you with the spirit of God to explain it to you.

I’m in awe of the new knowledge that I learned of the Kennedy family. The audacity of success corrupting the successful. I’m humbled to the core of my existence.

Happy parenting to those who think about parenthood, and don’t think you will create the perfect children, cause that’s impossible without love. Love your children, and your children will love you. Love and truth are the keys to the kingdom of God. Share those keys with your children.