The World Scene at the UN

— The World Scene —

The world scene is full of speeches by leaders of nations, that has been going on for thousands of years, not on the scale of modern times, but we never agreed on anything where they took power from the current powerful holders without a war or sanctions.

This is the Russian side of the story of the global scene. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov speaks with clarity and a logical voice, as all speakers believe what they say.

I agree with him, but I disagree with him too, where he closes with the phrase national egotism instead of international collectivism, I see dangers in both those forms.

You need both those forms, but not to depend on them, you need freedom first, to be yourself, cause that’s the first step towards freedom.


We need collectivism to settle our differences, but we need cooperation first, if collectivism is to work, or it’s someone trying to paint a wall, and no one agrees on what color the wall should be colored with. It will look like a slum wall filled with graffiti, be it some graffiti looks good, but not with the global world wall.

I’m not one to tell you what to do, but I can be aggressively arrogant sometimes. My tastes on painting a common wall not to be graffiti, the common wall should be universally pleasant to all, you could have a joining wall filled with nothing but graffiti, but separation is the key to cooperation, at least for me.

Talking of walls, this next video is Netanyahu speaking to the UN:

This speech is filled with blame and prejudice, as all his speeches are, which would equate him with what he condemns. It’s what makes the world dangerous, ideologies!

Would you let Israel the most dangerous of all ideologies, to deal with nuclear power? They already do.


I’m not taking on Netanyahu, as if he doesn’t have a right, cause he was born in Israel, and that’s all he knows as his home. Where the leaders before were immigrants, but claiming that he is not guilty as the Palestinians is a propaganda tactic, making him guilty of propaganda too.

Whine Pine is the way of the Jew, that is the Jewish stereotype, I’m not into stereotypes, I take the people the way they are to me, but this speech of Netanyahu is only fulfilling the case of the stereotype. Someone should step up and convince him to step down, like he supports Assad stepping down.

Peace doesn’t come with militant ways, nor do they secure it.
I agree with Israel of defending itself, it is its right, but not that militancy will bring peace.
If oppressive peace of a dictatorship is what you seek, then hear Netanyahu as the gospel, but he admits he speaks only for the people of Israel, and not the world.

He tries to equate ISIS with Hamas, though they equate on minor terms. They are both of the same plant, I agree with, but that plant is just a misunderstood plant, like a weed, we don’t know what its used for yet, eradicating it into nonexistence is not the solution.

It’s the solution for the lazy leaders that we develop today.

It’s out of sight, it’s out of mind, the way of the lazy. We all need a break from the madness of the world, but when one takes a break, then one notifies their allies to watch, and keep the peace through a collectivism of cooperation. We all are rulers of this world, no one left out…or they carry the burden of the whole world, and that’s not right.

This speech from Al Pacino from the Scent of a Woman, is a show/spectacle, as all speeches are.

Speeches from politicians are without integrity, as Al Pacino said, that’s what our leaders are missing today.

This is not of the UN, though sometimes they could be compared to this speech. The UN is a noble cause, but there is that statement that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.


Now on to the last video in this post, from the Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem, he speaks of IS, the caliphate that’s bringing the world down.

The thing of the Palestinian right of return as Syria’s focal point, is against Israel’s right to exist, what is the solutions, when the two sides are at conflicting viewpoints.

The lazy way is to look to the military for the solution, it will raise enough money for the elite to live comfortably, and cause another wave to hit the shore of society in the future, not to mention all of the innocent killings that went on in that war.

Here it is:

Listening to this speech is direct conflict with Netanyahu’s speech, though they are in agreement with a common enemy, the monster they call IS, the caliphate of monsters.

If we go back in history several centuries ago, we would all bear the name of terrorists, by some oppressive state. Empires rise and fall throughout history, and it wasn’t a pretty picture.


In conclusion this is a mess and it will get worse, if you think what will solve it is a military response, whether aggressive or defensive, it’s a military solution, that leaves a military after film on the surface of the world, which could be compared to the itch on the back that you can’t get to.

I just rant, I offer no solutions, but I rant to inspire the leaders towards the solutions, cause they know more than me. Knowledge is the key to more suffering or more blessings, it depends on what door you choose.


“Let us teach that the honor of a nation consists not in the forced submission of other states, but in equal laws and free institutions, in cultivated fields and prosperous cities; in the development of intellectual and moral power, in the diffusion of knowledge, in magnanimity and justice,
in the virtues and blessings of peace.”

— William Ellery Channing

Choose well, oh world.

I’m just a man subject to your whims, but not when I die, I’ll be free from your whims then. I will have to pick up the pieces from your party of death and destruction. Have you ever thought to clean up the mess yourself ?