WORDS definitions

— WORDS definitions —


The words mean one thing, but to the other person it may mean something else entirely, it may be something that was happening, when they first heard it.

I used the word Dainty to describe the way they do their job, and it was an insult to her, but Dainty means:

Adjective: dainty (daintier,daintiest)
1. Delicately beautiful
2. Affectedly dainty or refined
3. Especially pleasing to the taste
4. Excessively fastidious and easily disgusted
Noun: dainty

1. Something considered choice to eat

Now that doesn’t sound like an insult to me, but maybe they saw themselves as more rugged.

And her colleague saw herself as more Burly, which was another insult, but Burly means more rugged and muscular, which was an insult to the colleague. I had to look up Burly, cause I was only guessing what it meant, I never used the word Burly, but was given the word.

Adjective: burly (burlier,burliest)
1. Muscular and heavily built

It means one thing, but it’s a mystery what it means to the minds of the one who hears it.

Burly women, dainty women, curvaceous women, skinny women, every women is beautiful to me, but everything that’s beautiful about women, there is the same amount of ugliness in all those women too. It’s what they focus on, determines what I focus on.


I see people with the same amount of beauty and ugliness that we all carry, there are people which favor the ugliness and that is their dominant persona, and those who favor the beautiful side and the at becomes their dominant persona. I can’t help what I see… it’s the other person’s problem, or maybe I visited their persona on the wrong day, which makes me … my Bad.

Another time and another day they may appear more beautiful, and I may be the ugly one on that day.


Words takes on many meanings, in the minds that are ignorant to their meaning. They think they might know, but are unsure what the true meaning is. I can only tell you what the many dictionaries says it means, I can only tell what dictionaries tells you… if the dictionaries are wrong, but they’re  the most common collective definitions from the English language.

The English language is torn apart from the different meanings by the different regions that it is spoken. Where Fag means cigarette butts in the UK, but in US it means homosexuals. There are many more different regional meanings, but I don’t want to discuss them.

The English language is only one language from the numerous languages that encapsulate the world.

We have over 100, and I remember over a 1000, if you include the lost languages. They contain the same problems with the English language, which is my native tongue… if the people speak a language I don’t understand, I trust in God, and don’t concern myself with what they say… and pray if I need to know God will direct me to speak.

There are too many languages for me to learn…especially with my mind failing already, I can’t retain anything… especially my short term memories. It was from my younger days from booze and drugs, then I failed with my egocentric days, which was worst than my drugs and booze days.

I’m still breathing and living, so I must not be done with life … cause I ain’t dead yet.

Say good words, or don’t say anything at all… and be silent when someone asks you why are you so silent… or say I don’t have anything good to say.