Windows 10 updates are getting more annoying

— Windows 10 updates are getting more annoying —

Update: I’ve wasted 24 hours total of failed updates (Windows 10, version 1607), not one went through. Each took 8 hours, of waiting and waiting, only to fail. I’m disgusted by Windows 10, and their support. They want more data on me, rather than solve the problem.

After reading all the feature deprecations of the new update, I freely fell for the scam from windows 7, and was whisked away on a whirlwind, and never had the chance to go back to Windows7.

It would’ve been nice if MS put it in their code to remind me before blasting windows7 into oblivion.

I’m ready to become the enemy of MS and it’s imperialistic attitude. They deceive and try to normalize it in society. Deception rules…NOT with me, truth will always rule with me. Your time MS draws near.

I will still use the Windows7, cause I bought them, but this debacle that you call WINDOWS 10, is your failure.

The fact that you can’t stop an update in progress, and you have to wait 8 hours to know it failed, shows your incompetence. Where is the changing of the resources, that you said I can change when I setup 100%, cause I would like to change that. You said I could change it, but with the menage of layers it’s a nightmare finding it, I’ve been googling it for over a week.

The veins on the side of my head is pumping with anger… and disgust. I’ve already had a stroke…and I see more stroke in your future, not by me, but by your own hands and minds. I had a stroke, and said I wouldn’t wish it on my own enemy.


Windows 10 updates

windows 10 updatesI can’t do a thing in windows 10 when the updates are taking place, and I believed MS that I could change it. There is no way to change it, unless I have a degree in Computer Science, which I don’t.

They asked me if I wanted to give 100% percent of my resources when I first loaded Windows 10 to the update process. They said I could go back and change it, so I said 100%. When it’s updating, I can’t surf the web or do anything with the web. MS has control of my computer, it may be nefarious reasons, more nefarious than the hackers.


I‘m thinking I’m going back to Win7, but I loaded a bunch of new software with Windows 10.

I know I will not buy a new computer with Windows 10 ever again. It gives the power to MS, and not to me, the way it should be. When  I learned about virtual layers in programming, it brought up a whole new world which is hidden by the programmers.

It’s too complicated to explain, with my understanding of it. Let’s just say they magnify themselves with power over the common people that are hooked with their tech toys. Technology is like heroin, it requires the next fix in the chain.

Addicted to tech is like a deterioration of the flesh, looking to replace the flesh with some hardware, that will be better than the flesh. Like heroin is the key to happiness, but detrimental to the body.


Conclusion of Windows 10 updates, I liked Windows 7 better

All things will pass away. You can live seeking perfection, but if it’s not achievable in your mind, then it’s not in another’s mind. The other person will achieve it, or at least one step closer to it.

MS made an attempt at perfection with Windows 10, but not one step closer, but a failure. I think I’ll switch to Linux or the many distributions of it… I won’t by an Apple. It’s a personal choice.

I’m getting sick of the arrogance of MS. Using a 1 and a 0 as the last version of their OS.