What did they do?

— What did they do? What sins were they supposed to confess? —



What was the counseling session on?

This was a few days later, and no more info except hearsay gossip. It seems the gossip has quick legs, equal to that of Flash the superhero, while the truth goes like a turtle.

God is mysterious to say the least, it might be that we’re too dumb to figure it out, that is more closer to the truth. It’s slow to understand… remember it moves at a turtle’s speed.

Gossip is at Flash speeds, and the truth is slow and sure speeds… gossip is full of lies and falsehoods too.



I think that these people were delusional in their thinking, we all are at times in our lives. The fact that they were sorry after the fact they killed their son, it doesn’t absolve them from the fact that they, and their cohorts, beat him severely to the point of dying.

My question is what did he do?

What brought this judgment upon him?

No one deserves this judgment… especially Christians.

Christians spreading the message of love and forgiveness, I would expect a different discipline to be measured from the hand of love. They seemed to be locked in the old testament mode, an eye for an eye.

The new testament mode was love for all, even your enemies.

I’m sure the mother was helpless, but any mother would voice her dissatisfaction very strongly with the punishment, verbally was her only strength. I would’ve pushed in there for my kids… any parent would take the blows for their children.


The news is changing to witch hunts… That was over 300 years ago… a devolution of mankind

What’s this world coming to?

This the next story to rebuff the NY Times article.