Weather 2

— Weather 2 —

The weather is being manipulated? That is the conspiracy theory that has been going on for years with chemtrails, geoengineering, and HAARP . I don’t know if it’s true, but I wouldn’t put it past them to attempt at controlling nature.

There are 5 layers of atmosphere, Exosphere, Thermosphere(which includes the Ionosphere), Mesosphere, Stratosphere, and Troposphere.

I don’t know if it’s true that they control the weather, but I see some minds in this Govt that seeks a steady power to keep their comfortable life style, and the thought of controlling the weather is an ego trip for them, especially hiding behind the national security curtain, it’s a collective ego trip of the like minded power seekers.

I thought that the fake snow not melting, instead burning and smelling like burning plastic. It was a phony at first, but the more I think about it, I know that nothing is impossible, so I think that we know not how they do it, because of national security.

There are things that go on, that we can only imagine, and even then that we can only imagine is it real or are other things go that we can’t imagine.


In America, there are two related ionospheric heating facilities: the HIPAS, near Fairbanks, Alaska, which was dismantled in 2009, and (currently offline for reconstruction) one at the Arecibo Observatory[24] in Puerto Rico. The European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association (EISCAT) operates an ionospheric heating facility, capable of transmitting over 1 GW effective radiated power (ERP), near Tromsø, Norway.[25] Russia has the Sura Ionospheric Heating Facility, in Vasilsursk near Nizhniy Novgorod, capable of transmitting 190 MW ERP.

Copied from HAARP Wikipedia page


Who came up with this geoengineering idea? Somebody is going to figure out how to manipulate the weather and it’ll open Pandora’s Box, and we’ll be running from the evil’s attacks, now that’s the true form of terrorism.

Technology makes our life easier, but make our lives more complicated, making us machines or acting like machines.

Seeking not to think, but we can’t live like zombies being pushed into the grave without living life to the fullest.

We gather our fruits by thinking, and we gather a bunch of wasted fruit with Alcohol and other vices, after they’re eaten you quickly forget about them. You eat with memories, and when you drink your life away, you have a lot of clouded memories, no substance only illusions.

There is a Psyops that look to manipulate memories for psychological warfare, like the weather, the sickness of mankind seeking power over the people through laws, the chains of righteousness leading the horses for a noble cause, but are they leading them over the cliff of tech singularity?

The blind leading the blind looking for power, and finding the need for power of flight while those who can’t afford the power of flight are splattered at the bottom of the cliff.

These are my thoughts, on this conspiracy… I raise more questions and knowledge to some.

Ecclesiastes 1:18 –

“For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.”

Sorry, for causing you more suffering, but you see the society going off the cliff, and you don’t say something that makes me complicit in my silence.

It just confuses me, and leaves me feeling hopelessness, but maybe you can come up with solution.