We don’t own anything

— We don’t own anything anymore —


It seems that there is more and more proprietary parts, that specialize the expertises of working on the basics, that anyone could understand, all for the sake of money. Universality is the better way to go.

I grew up in NYC for the first half of my life, when I was 14 we moved to upstate NY where there was a different world, it was farm country. Cows chewing cud, and Summers gathering bales of hay, so I remember tractors though back then, Farmers worked on the tractors freely without technical knowledge, they only knew mechanical knowledge. You didn’t need a special tool for a bolt.

Today rather than universally making products, we’ve resorted to proprietorially manufacturing products that you need to buy a part, rather than go down to the nearest NAPA or other auto parts store to buy something that would work.

It needs to be a John Deere part!

I’ve been turned off by Alex Jones when he included commercials in all of his videos, though they’re at the end, but they spring on you when your sedated with all the info… I see it as a low blow for a buck. So beware the 5min mark.



I did a search for Kyle Wiens, the guy that co-founded the company iFixit, and read the article “New High-Tech Farm Equipment Is a Nightmare for Farmers”

“The problem is that farmers are essentially driving around a giant black box outfitted with harvesting blades. Only manufacturers have the keys to those boxes. Different connectors are needed from brand to brand, sometimes even from model to model—just to talk to the tECU. Modifications and troubleshooting require diagnostic software that farmers can’t have. Even if a farmer managed to get the right software, calibrations to the tECU sometimes require a factory password. No password, no changes—not without the permission of the manufacturer.”

This is a quote out of the article, it’s the same way for ordinary auto vehicles, rather than a universal approach, they lean towards proprietary systems… rather than unite, they lean towards divisiveness.


I see things as they are, and I would be remiss in not stating the truth, as I see it.

I understand the greed in making something proprietary, rather than universal, but imagine God with that same mentality where the universal laws were proprietary depending on how many times you want to take it up the ass, or fork out the money.

Gravity is basic, imagine gravity being proprietary, well every planet has a different gravity setting, so I guess gravity is proprietary, but not here on Earth.

I can understand the proprietary principle, but not when it invades our freedoms. When they try to dictate the outcomes by positioning their designs to encapsulate our actions, it is limiting our freedoms. Sorry for the abstractions, but you need to think about that last line.

When the corporate world is telling us what to do, there is NO freedom. When the corporate world is married to govt, it’s called fascism or corporatism, and freedoms die and whither in that environment.

We went to wars to wipe out fascism, and we gave it a new name corporatism, and thought the offspring would be better than the parents. ( Well Wikipedia knows it all, corporatism was before fascism, so I stand corrected.)

It would be better, once you separated it from the governmental powers, it would be the people as the priority, and not the corporations. Corporations don’t govern themselves fairly, so why should we give them the power to govern the people with lies and deceptions… they are only concerned with PROFIT, and like religions followed the PROPHET, and we separated govt from religions, so we should separate corporations from govt too.

I’m not against corporations, we would be lost without them, but they’re like religions and need to be separate from the state’s governing powers, the state should be in charge of protecting the people from religions and corporations, and science experiments too.

It may take another 100 years to separate the corporations from govt, that seems impossible now, but it can be done. It will be better for the world and us, the people.

There is good and bad to everything under the sun, proprietary is good in some things where you want to protect the universality, but to deny it to the public is wrong and bad.

Proprietary is bad when greed comes into the picture and he holds the proprietary tool in his hands, but denies it to the public, unless they pay an exorbitant amount of money.

Greed is greed, there’s nothing good about it, the only thing that it has in common with good is that they start with G and end with D.

Which describes life itself, we start with God and end with Death.