War on Alcohol

— War on Alcohol —


The fact that everyone acts like an asshole on alcohol, myself included.

When you combine the two arguing over alcohol, whose more drunk. I throw the first shot of the war on alcohol. I had a glass of wine tonight, which gives me a buzz, and I was watching the movie “Evelyn”.

And it was at the end of this scene that my friend called, which is ironic that youtube posted this scene, and he wonders why I get mad, when I see someone I love wasting away his life with alcohol. I lost a lot of good friends to the bonds of alcohol, accidents and disease, cause a steady diet with alcohol abuse makes a very sick man/woman.



It’s true alcohol is a medicine, but it’s abused by everyone, and you might not like what I have to say about it, but I yelled at a very close friend tonight. He was like a drunk at a bar, going over the same things, and because I didn’t want to hear it over and over, eventually he hung up on me.

SO if you’re drunk don’t call me, and that’s including the buzz drunk, you may not be stumbling over and slurring your words, but my Father said to me when he was getting loud, he knew that was a sign of him getting drunk. My  Dad was not an alcoholic, and he had a deep rooted hatred of alcoholics, which I associate with the drunks he saw while being a detective in NYC.

So if you are talking in an amplified voice, question yourself if your drunk, it seems the benefits of drinking start turning into the detriments of drinking then. Reminiscing of old good times that only depress you, and you’re a snowball rolling down Depression Mt.

It’s nice to think of the old times, but not if it’s destruction to the soul, I would rather reminisce without the aid of alcohol, where it is edifying to the soul.

Alcohol is a good pain reliever, but not to reminisce, it’s like a web that you struggle to break free from.

Reminiscing is a sign that you’re not happy with your life now, and the longing for the past, which isn’t the “Now”, the reality of your life, when you drink, which is a depressant, and the longing for what you don’t have now, is depressing to say the least.

So you choose the alcohol as a comforter, and not as a medicine to relax to relieve the stress, but abuse it and feel even worse the next day, so you have to renew your happiness with another drink. It’s a false happiness, and imitation, a counterfeit happiness.

True happiness comes without alcohol. I can understand the medicinal values of alcohol, but not the abuse, which occurs in the teens and 20’s, and occasionally in the 30’s, but eventually you know there is no point to getting drunk, it’s a depressing scene, like a web that you try and try to break free from, and they throw another beer commercial which fortifies the web around you, and you go buy another 6 pack.


“Don’t ever forget what someone says to you while they’re drunk, because drunk words are sober thoughts.


They only forget about them when they wake up with a hangover… and look to repeat the same views of the past the next night, and all the revelations get thrown in the trash with the bottles and cans.

Remember what you said, PLEASE!

Reminisce on that, instead of the old times.