Understanding Power

Understand Power the Social Kind

world-map-297315_640The power I’m talking about is the social kind, it’s different than the mechanical kind, it manipulates people, like the mechanical kind manipulates inanimate objects.
It makes the people part of the machine with power through social skills, it is requiring social skills, as the fuel lines of the big machine called society.

It’s my theory, I’m a bit eccentric in my thinking. I think love as the capital trading substance, but trying to convince that to the world is like convincing a worm to stop digging through dirt for food.
It’s how they get their food.

I think, if I put something in the soil, and let them find it on their own, they think about it, and my problem is solved.
I just don’t know what it is.

I know my examples is the only seed I carry, besides my words, and I plant the seeds of the ideas, and they take root or they die.

I seek to change the world with my ideas in a collective fashion, hearing your ideas and marrying my ideas that are compatible with your ideas.
I am one man with many ideas, and I need input to reach fruition with my ideas, they may seem somewhat weird in my eccentricities, but I’m serious and committed.
When I start something, it gets finished. Though the many times I started something it has failed about 80% of the times.

I seek cooperation with the world, and the world seeks servitude, I’m willing when it serves me, like the world I’m selfish.
I should have the same right. The world seeks servitude and so do I, with the world and me, both seeking servitude, nothing ever gets done.

It’s me or the world should change, I’m in good company, cause God thinks the world should change too.

I am who I am, God is ok with that.

I need to change, as far as my personality flaws… attitude, anger issues, etc., but the world needs to stop displaying it’s out of balance power, you are destroying yourself.