Hacking – Tomidjah’s Rant #4

— Hacking of Spammers – Tomidjah’s Rant #4  —


eaglspan22I’m just a simpleton, I know about computers, just enough to raise me between experts and the ignorant. So I belong nowhere, on either side, in a limbo of in betweens.

I’ve been blocking their IPs and I could mass block the server, but maybe their is someone on that server that would benefit from my words, I don’t know, it puts me in a dilemma…

Maybe they want me to block the server and take the easy way out.

I started looking at referrers on my counter software and started blocking them, if they sold stuff, the classic trail of spammers, they deliver retail, and the place backlink from my site to their site, which would make me a spam site. I don’t know.

But what I learned from the search engines, they classify the backlinks as where you are in the search engine rankings, and I don’t know if I want spammers helping me in my status with search engines, since I’m dead set against SPAM.

There must be some kind of software out there that blocks spam servers automatically, but I don’t have time to search out and learn the software on top of that, and all the security software and companies, promises the moon and delivers the earth’s tide returns, meaning they promise the moon but give what’s already there, you did not need to buy the software, cause the software is as much work, as if you did it yourself.

It’s been going for 3 weeks, or 4 weeks, I cant be sure, in fact it started, when I started answering comments from spammers, they were infecting me and hiding on my servers through their servers, I don’t know what their agenda is, but it must be dark, cause they get spiteful when I make them mad.

I had to blow off steam in this rant, I took measures that I did not mention here, I need a weapon of secrecy, if that is a weapon of security, it all comes out in the end, but for a short time, I have a secret, be it personal security for my sanity.