Tomidjah’s Rant #3

— Tomidjah’s Rant #3 —

eaglspan22I need a story to free me from the evil tentacles of the WWW, and it should be entertaining to the reader at the same time.

There was a man humble and proud, arrogance in the midst of battle, the winner takes all. We all know that humbleness always wins by letting the other side win, so we never know who wins till the great judgment day.

The battles are within the soul of every man/woman, cause all of you are in battles that we don’t see, and for the sake of your pride you are likened to hide your battles, so that no one sees. Like when you feel ashamed of shedding a tear during a good sad movie, and you make some noise to show and erase the tears with a wipe, and living in denial to show your strength.

The strongest man would not be ashamed, and would not be so proud to cause that shame. We all feel shame and fear, shame would be facing your fears and cowering with cowardice, strength would be facing your fears, and causing fear, to run with fear, from your facing it.

The web is like an octopus trying to pull you off the surfboard, and down into the deep, to waste your time in the mazes of confusion with technical jargon, it’s the only thing that changes, is the language of the words that enlighten you or confuse you.

You understand the basic NEW word to mask an old terminology that does the same thing, but they created a new technology with the word NEW, but it does the same thing, they created a new commodity that they can sell with the word “new”. It’s the classic con job, it’s not new, but the mask is new and that is all that’s new.

I’m a cynic at its max, and you are a stooge, if this sounds like paranoid madness to you.

It’s the truth, try and disprove it. You can add more words to the technology, but it doesn’t improve it only grows it or expands it. You make it bigger doesn’t mean you make it better, you add more meaning to the words and only confuse/amaze the weak, so that they fear and buy your power that you’re selling.

When in reality you should not sell the commodity, but share it with love, and those you enlighten will bring it more in focus and develop it further, with love as the capital. That’s the future of capitalism, the end of capitalism as we know it, is coming.

So what is the short story I started, and went on this preaching tangent? I started telling you of a man with a battle with himself inside, beyond the knowledge of others.

I compared that man with everyone alive on this planet, be it female or male. They have the same battles of everyone else alive on this planet.

The battles will be won once you stop fearing, when you denounce the fear, you won the war and the battles. The fear running away will give you more recruits to back you, in the race to the finish, or towards the light, if you’re not into games, but faith will give you more recruits.

You have to give it faith to see the rewards, it’s like Jesus on the sea of Galilee, Peter walked by faith, but when he doubted, he sunk.

Life gets you mad and seriously frustrated that you want to give up and die, but when you overcome your fears, you are strong, and they fear you.

Pride, humbleness, fear, and arrogance, are the characteristics that I want you to focus on that will give God and you time to meditate/pray and learn on. If you have a pure heart, and seek the silence of your thoughts to learn about these words.

You have to acknowledge God as a spiritual being, I see God as a collective of individuals both alive and dead, with many voices, but one mind, One God. One science with many sciences, as vast as the universe, that is always growing expanding and contracting, like a heart that pumps blood throughout the body.

Remember that love is as dangerous as death itself, according the old testament… I’m paraphrasing you might get more out of this scripture, than I did.

Song of Solomon 8:6 –  Set me as a seal on your heart, as a seal on your arm: for love is strong as death; jealousy is cruel as the grave: the coals thereof are coals of fire, which has a most vehement flame.

Love is another word to balance out the other words I gave you to study in the silence of your thoughts. It’s bad and good, like everything in this world of duality. I live to balance for my happiness, there are times I’m miserable and am given grace in the balance, and I’m happy again.

God is pleased by a “just balance” and I’m free, but trying to please God is a neverending story, it’s called LIFE.