Tomidjah’s Rant #2

— Tomidjah’s Rant #2 : SPAM an aspect of AI ? —

eaglspan22Did you ever read SPAM email and try to figure out what it says, it’s a lot of rigamarole that makes no sense. Like a computer authored it, so taken on the marketing strategy that it uses a form of AI( artificial intelligence) in the development strategy. So is SPAM the young putz of the AI development, it’s just a kid growing up.

A talkative kid that seems so harmless, though they carry viruses.
I read some email today, that talked a lot of rigamarole that sounded intelligent, but I couldn’t come up with what they were talking about, I read it over and over again, I should’ve copied and pasted here, before I deleted it, but I didn’t and had this thought.

Is SPAM the govt testing it’s development with AI? I wonder if you wonder that too.

When SPAM makes sense, that is the time to worry about, cause they are intelligent then, and they made us all stupid.

It’s like they suck out our intelligence from the brain, and fill us up with stupidity.

Though I think about SPAM, and Sploggers the soldiers of marketing spammers, I don’t have anything against from people making a living, but when it at the expense of other individuals, then it’s robbery to say the least. You gain from ripping people off, and no matter how noble your goal is in your opinion, it still is your gain from other peoples losses, and that’s the definition of robbery.

Like the foreclosure bubble in the real estate field, the banks gave out bogus loans, and then the bubble burst, and rise in foreclosures went through the roof, with varying interest loans instead of the fixed interest loans. I think a lot, sometimes depressing thoughts, but it raises questions in me.

Is SPAM the new thieves of the intellect, do they rob you and replace it with stupidity?