The Yahoo debacle… I called the number they gave me, and I had 30 minute wait on hold

At least they told me, so I hung up… with the way technology has progressed and telephones have progressed, you could leave a message and they could call you back, when their 30 minutes is over, rather than you on hold.

I’m so upset with Yahoo holding my domains hostage, it’s going to an email service I can’t get access to… the website service where the email is on MelbourneIT, and I couldn’t log in to it… I will try in a couple of days, I need to calm down, before I get on the phone, with the people who have caused me so much stress for over a week.



Oh and I know it’s on the yahoo server, and this proves it, all my youtube videos work of the… where they don’t on the which is still on the Yahoo servers. Just ok the transfers, along with the 2rains domains.

And melbourne IT you hold the and, let them go to for the hosting of them… the internet was supposed to be free, and your bourgeois  mentality claims you own it, but the reality is you don’t own it, it’s a gift; but you are so busy looking at you in the mirror of your delusions, that you don’t see it’s a gift, you don’t see it because of the cloud of your own vanity… the visibility is low with the fog of your vanities.