The Trump Slump of the U.S.

— The Trump Slump of the U.S. : make America Great Again —


I watched the Trump saying waterboarding is mild compared to the chopping off of heads, what person in their right mind would vote for such a fool.  I follow the elections, and every year it gets worse and worse. Now it’s getting extravagantly worse, who can say the most extravagantly saying, and become more popular in saying that.

I’m all for free speech, but we elect fools and blowhards to run the country into the ground, those are Trump slumps words, and thoughts exactly.

We all heard Trump’s boasting of his not needing corporation’s money, cause he is rich, and he’s using his own money. I sat through those tiring words of his usual braggings, that he has a lot of Muslim friends. Every Muslim I seen, at least on the web, hates him.

I’m sure there is one, or a couple of Muslims on his payroll, that likes him, cause they’re getting their paychecks from the Trump slump candidate.

I’m wrestling whether to post this, but I get angry when I watch Trump bragging of his wealth, and calling everyone else losers, cause they disagree with him. He avoids all the tough questions, or he wants to build walls instead of bridges. To isolate the country behind the iron wall of solitude, I remember the iron wall somewhere in eastern Europe back during the cold war times.

Is that our future, to seek the profits of doom and gloom?


I‘m not too happy with the other democrats, or the other republican candidates… their is no choice, they all carry the burdens of fears. I remember there was a not so wise president saying ” that the only thing we have to fear is…fear itself. “.

Then he locked up Marijuana behind a new prohibition law, cause he didn’t understand the feeling and feared the sanity of the stoned crowd. The people who were drunks didn’t stand for it, when they had alcohol prohibition slammed down their throats, and it was repealed from the constitutional amendment.

They made it a law the second time, rather than a constitutional amendment.

The laws can be interpreted by lawyers, and lawyers can be bought at the drop of a hat, and their double tongues can sway the public’s confusion, at their whims. Laws are a major chore to get rid of… amendments are easier to repeal.


I thought of making a collection of Trump slump videos from youtube, but that made me even more depressed… and all I heard was Trump calling me a loser, and I responded “you may be the winner now, but I regret your end, winners are losers in the future.

“I’m happy at being a loser, cause I get rewards that you don’t see… which makes me winner in the future.”


I don’t feel so alone, with these musicians banning Trump Slump from using their music, if only they banned the music groups(WMG,UMG,SME) from controlling their music.
Adele – Rolling in the Deep, Steve Tyler – Dream On, Michael Stipe (REM) – It’s the End Of The World as we know it.


This election will be over someday, and we’ll stay on the course of destruction, no matter who wins, cause the corporations are in charge of the govt. The true definition of fascism, or corporatism was the definition Mussolini named it. Where govt had it’s hands in the corporate pockets, and corporations had it’s hands in the govt pockets, they both played pocket pool to mutual orgasms.

What a sick world we have to be thankful for. Look at the choices we have to be grateful for. This election has to be the worst I’ve seen in my life. Do you want the gun, fast and quick, to die, or the poison pills, slow and painless to die?

You have to choose your suicide methods?

I’m not voting this year, and won’t vote in the future, I was lied to first when I voted for Obama, and then I saw hopelessness, when I voted for Ron Paul the second time, but this time I will be vocal, cause that’s all I can do, and feel satisfaction, cause I’ve said something.

I hate lies and liars, that’s all what politicians do. That I’m in agreement with Trump, when a politician opens his/her mouth it’s like a toilet overflowing.

They have some nice air fresheners though.


Get out and open your mouth, and cause civil trouble, not violence. Violence never solved a thing, it only exasperated the problems. Don’t vote in protest, then you’ll be a loser like me, either way you’ll be a loser. Vote, or not vote, you’re a loser, according to Trump.

The illusions of the electoral processes, are the biggest con jobs passed on the world. If they were real, and not bought by the highest bidder, then it would be kosher/clean/blessed, but we know of the corruptions griming up the mechanisms of democracy, and turn a blind eye, which makes us delusional in the end.

I sound like the Trump slump… shut up!   I’ve got to give cudos to the Don for banning the use of teleprompters for all candidates for president, that I agree with that 100% … just be yourself, and not reading a script for popularity’s sake.

I’ll stop for now… I get long winded when I battle egos… and Trump slump has a big ego.