The TAA the 2nd Attack

— The TAA the 2nd Attack —



If you want to see the TPP video, here it is


I‘m not political, but I believe in ethics, which is against my enemies in politics… and I need to pass this on.

With what I know of the TPP (Trans Pacific Parnership),  they are trying to separate the the link from the TPA (Trade Promotion Authority) and the TAA (Trade Adjustment Assistance) and the next wave of attack is trying to bring us more into a fascist system, and take more liberties away at a very expensive price.

We’ve been in a fascist state that subtlety has surfaced, since the end of WWII, in fact, if you’re an expert on history, it has been going on since the mid 1800s, in fact, since our birth as a new nation. We’ve been constantly fighting deceptions of other nations, cause that’s mankind’s curse, the deceptions that inhabits the souls of everyone alive.


You might not agree with me, but this I believe at the most, it’s wrong to pass this bill. The bill will separate the link between the TAA and the TPA, too push it through in connection with the senate that has already passed the TPP.

It gives the President and the next president, a total dictatorial role in our lives… and that’s not talking about the dictations from the members of the TPP.

The more I learn about this, the more I don’t like it. It gives the power to the corporations, which are not the people, it gives power to the Slavedrivers Inc, which is the corporations of the TPP.

They give jobs to the slaves that supply them with profit, once the corporations lived up to their words of ethical practices, then I would favor globalization.

Which is another can of worms to conquer, cause it’ll open what we’ve overlooked with our imaginations. We can’t imagine of what we’ll meet in the progression towards our goals, until we agree we are on the same team.

Which is a sure sign of success, everything else is a failure, or another court case, which is expanding the powers of the courts, and we know how we love to hate the lawyers.


Well this my mind, doesn’t agree with the fast track deal, I see the freedoms breaking through the last dam surrounding the last reservoir of freedom, called the USA, with the passing of the TPP… which is turning this govt into the freedom of fascism/corporatism, in my views.

People died to defend the 1st amendment, I would like to rewrite the 1st amendment, I would like to include the corporations with the religions, they live by the profits, which like the religions live by the prophets.

Cheap shot,  I know but the irony is hard to ignore, that mankind chose those two words to get what they get, prophets include false prophets who lie, which is the current day politicians, and profits the gains which are false also, the many scams and scandals, Bernie Madoff is a classic example.

So if you want to give up the individual freedoms, which this country was founded on, and give them to corporations dictating policies of the govt, then I’m already dead. It’s hell when you’re dead, and still breathing.

So pick up the flag of freedom in your soul, physical flags can be burned and turned to ashes, but what lives in, on the inside, no man can touch or destroy, unless they break your spirit.

Cause today at 5:30, they had a meeting to draw up the text of the new bill giving the fast track authority to the president, and tomorrow sometime they will be voting on it.

So if you love this country like I do, then stand up against it, … if you don’t, know in the future I will still love you.