The spamwar is on again

— The spamwar is on again —


bad-163505_640The spammers are attacking my resources… I block them every way I could, but I’m an idiot when it comes to computers, especially when they change the name, it’s doing the same thing.

It gives them the power to claim it as a new technology, but it’s the same thing, just masked with a new name. is an idiot too, cause God is watching and tabulating what you do, and your prideful atheist stance against me, it rises you up and up, till God pulls the rug out from under you, and you fall and fall back to earth. Gravity can be so cruel.

Pretty much like you.

I maybe conjecturing to many people using the servers, but I’ll say peace to you. This war is growing old, and every potshot is wasted energy, cause you can’t defeat me, not spiritually anyway, you can kick my ass digitally as much as you want, but remember I’ll get my time too in the future.

The digital world is a forest of trees, and there are many tribes in the jungle, and they all wear masks to protect their fears, the only thing is, I don’t wear masks, I am who I am, I have a lot of BS security software that weigh me down.

You can awe me and surprise me, but you won’t put fear into my heart, cause that’s under God’s control.

I hope you give up the fight, and go your way and do no more harm to my servers and their employees, cause you waste valuable time and energy. There are people like me, and the numbers match your numbers, all the wasted energy in the fighting, is not too bright, in fact it’s really dim with throwing off sparks from the frictions between us, and it wears on the machinery.

I’m overheating and you’re over heating, we need to put in an oily solution between us to make the machine run smooth.