The politics of the Middle East

— The politics of the Middle East —

 Netanyahu Soundly Defeats Chief Rival in Israeli Elections… I saw it differently, but I always see it differently, sometimes I’m right, and other times I’m wrong… like any average Joe.


demokratie-450597_640The politics of the Middle East is a conglomerate of politics and religions, each playing a major role in the development of the harmony and the disharmony of the region between nations. It reminds me of fools yelling at each other about what they don’t know claiming that they do know… well really the whole globe is in that picture too. We just don’t bring God into it.

We have our politics, which is basically lies masking as truth. Basically every politician is pure at the start, but quickly gets corrupted and loses hope on ever changing the system, and the system changes them with their corruptions.

Mixing politics with religion, as our founding fathers saw it as a boiling rock, lava, and wanted us to stay away from it.

They saw God as divine providence and didn’t want our understanding of God getting tainted with the dirtiness of politics, cause we have to face it, politics is the most dirtiest of professions.

That’s why they made freedom of religion as a right so that we could find God, as we wished.

Christians are as bad as extreme Muslims, thinking they know God, when God is as mysterious as before. They follow Jesus’ teachings which were non violent, unlike Muhammad which was warlike and peaceful…which is a conundrum in itself. I heard he had epilepsy too, and I had a friend that had epilepsy too, so I can relate to Muhammad.

The pains that went on inside him.

The wrestling with the spirit of mankind while getting fits, and while they drain you, physically and mentally, I wouldn’t want his job.


israel-556132_640Well, the Israeli elections are tomorrow morning (March 17th, 2015), and Netanyahu doesn’t seem to be in the running anymore.


I just hope the turmoil in the region, will subside without more the spilling of more blood. God is NOT pleased by the spilling of blood of the innocents.

God is deeply mad at the hypocrites, claiming they know God’s will, when they clearly don’t.

God is not the God of the old testament, Jesus brought the new message of love and forgiveness, which is a rehash of the old message, and quickly became corrupted by the new priests and pharisees vying for powers over the churches, and Muhammad came along, he was getting mad at the Christians deifying Jesus as God, which was making him an idol. Which God’s commandment said not to do.


  The 2nd Commandment : Exodus 20:4-6:“You shall not make for yourself a carved image—any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them nor serve them.”


It pissed off Muhammad that they were doing just that, and he loved God immensely too. Which was about 600 years after Jesus, so the info Muhammad was getting was nothing but hearsay, and we know what weight hearsay carries in the courts of law today.

The spirit of God was talking to him too, but what the other words were talking to him also were coming from the world also, and they conflicted.

I believe that Muhammad was a good man, he just wrestled too much with the spirit, rather than understanding the spirit.

Wrestling with spirits will drive you mad, if you don’t understand the spirits, cause they get off on confusions, it must have been a pleasurable high for them.

Understanding has a pleasurable high all around too, but mainly in this world, to the individual.

Well, politics and religions don’t mix and taste good, cause one is bitter and one is sweet, one is truth and one is lies, they don’t go together or they get corrupted. Which doesn’t do any good to God, understanding is a gem that should be given to God as an offering, not the blood of innocents.

Understanding is the birth of wisdoms that gives birth to more wisdoms.

I just write another sentence, to defeat the mark of the beast with the word count at 666, … it made me cringe.