The Internet Rant

— The Internet Rant —


The internet is a vein/vain in the universe that cycles data, whether important or trivial. That needs to be measured for the anal retentive, cause they need to organize to understand, they have to feel in control. We all have our needs to keep the world in control.

We have needs to keep the trivial in control, economic/financial in control, businesses in control, and the chaos in control. We are control freaks everyone of us… some more than others, to a degree.

Yesterday they passed the Net Neutrality rules, where the govt wants control of the future of the internet. It’s a play on words, they wrote the FCC rules like they owned it, not as mediators, but as owners.

The Govt is of the people, by the people, not on top of the people.

Wizard of Oz behind the curtain, the govt is trying to amaze us into fear, but we know that we have to pull the curtain back and reveal all the falsehoods of the wizard.

Scarecrow gets his brains, and Tin Man gets his heart, and Lion gets his courage, they always had them, but weren’t aware of them before. Dorothy got a self made wish to go home with her little dog Toto, cause she always had the power to do that too.

We have the power over the internet, we always had that too.

Everybody has a different talent that gives them power over the data that they share. No one is the supreme leader, there might be some that deceives themselves into believing that delusion, but it’s just an illusion, that will go away after they die.

Unless someone keeps the illusions alive with honoring them, by making a statue honoring them, but those statues are susceptible to rot and age, they will perish when the generations perish, and they are uncovered by archaeologists where the new generations get to know the ancients.

Who knows what’s to become of the internet?

With all the differences of its future in the minds of all the diverse people.

Where one group is dead set against another group, vying for power over the same thing, as the other group of people. Where they go to war and kill, while the banks is supplying funds to both sides, so their is no peace initiatives in the banking industry, but they get rich as long as the war goes on.

The military industrial complex is designing the future of warfare, where mankind is it’s dog that serves his master. Eisenhower warned of military industrial complex in his farewell address, I think it has come true, the misplaced power is in control of the MICs.



With the rise Psy-ops being performed by the MIC, I question the Internet Neutrality rules. I suspect it’s a play for power, where they take control of the data and its flow, on the backs of the people. Which brings to mind the movie The Matrix, where all the people were the batteries for the machines that ruled the world.

I think the machines got control a long time ago, and they feed us marvels to pacify our hungers… like a battery in its feeding tube cell in the matrix.

I believe in God, not the traditional religious way, but as a friend, I’m connected with… God is inside of me, as with all of you. Everyone is capable of hearing God, but God is silent to the proud, cause the proud are always blowing their own horns.

It always marveled me that God was first introduced as a collective, and through our fears we dismissed God as a collective and made God into a person, we all are Gods. We make God our equal, we are forever subservient to God, cause that connects us with all that God created.


In the First Chapter of Genesis verse 26 it said:

“And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.”


Am I wrong is “us” talking about a group of people, and “our ” the same as us… a collective?

Every version of the bible that was written uses these words, the above is the King James Version.

Why did we make God into a singular that is open to distortions. When we should’ve magnified God to the immense spirit that God is, we shouldn’t have tried to box God in a tiny cage called religion.

The Bible is not all the messages of God, God is much more than a book. Scriptures are holy relics of God’s existence, but they’re man’s words of the spirit inspired message, and our view of that message is narrow minded to say the least.

Look at all the wars that we started because of a difference of opinions.

I’m going back about 3500 years, when these first words were written, referring to God as a collective… with what we’ve learned throughout history, … start over.

Make a new start, cause God is real.

Wash away your sins with true repentance, not some ready made prayers, but prayers from the heart.

This is a rant from the heart.

The internet is the doorway to hell, or the steps to heaven, it’s what you choose.

It’s the database for the AI, what you program it with, is what you will reap.