The Dramas, I can do Without

—- The Dramas, I can do Without —




I don’t know about you, but since the New Year’s started, I’ve had dramas in my life. Before the New Year, I was loaded with dramas too, not by my choice.

This time, it was by my choice.

Now you have to listen to my dramas of the last few months.

I ordered a lot from Amazon trying to change my bedroom into a mini studio, where my desk and laptop is. The misorders where they sent the wrong items, and having the numerous emails trying to correct that misorders, where they didn’t believe me, that they sent the wrong things.

I tried to tell them, maybe I don’t communicate well, cause it was tedious to say the least.


The drama with Yahoo/Aabaco got sparked when I couldn’t authorize Reason8. I thought I’d would work on the site to pass the time.

I uploaded all the MP3s, I had of my music to the site, and learned they didn’t have the PHP version that I needed to upload from the server, cause I had a lot of songs on there all ready.

Well I screwed up that site, which was another drama piled upon the other dramas in my life. I uploaded after I converted it to WordPress, all the other audio files of the songs.

After I uploaded close to 70 songs, I made a mistake in the general settings, and now I can’t get to the WordPress dashboard to correct that. It means I’m locked out, so I have to start all over. You shouldn’t change the path in the general settings, that WordPress is installed in, or you’ll find yourself in my predicament.

Locked out… and having to start all over converting to WordPress again, and uploading the songs again, cause they don’t want to change to the newer version from PHP5.3.6 to  PHP5.4 or higher, so I can run the “add from server” plugin from WordPress.

I think I’ll wait after the rewiring to look into that. I changed the links in the menus to the site in the meantime.


Anyway, the misauthorizing of the software program Reason8 problem, just got solved minutes ago, and I feel relieved somewhat… cause that kicked my ass for over a week.

Also I let subscription to Reverbnation run out, and they tried to push their premium service on me with a $50 discount off the annual price, but I chose the basic service. Next year, I expected a jump in the price, it seems the technical field is more easier, and the prices seem to be climbing, rather than getting cheaper.

Oh, and I rejoined FB after a year off of it.

I rejoined on 2/6/2016, and we all know the dramas that are on there. Narcissism galore, which I’m being narcissistic too with this blog, but I have a mission to achieve, as we all do. Much like my musical career, it will probably fail, but “will I be successful in my failures?“, that needs to be determined by history, after I’m dead.


Now on to the future of rewiring, and setting up the modular furniture around my desk is on. That was the order, that Amazon screwed up. Well not Amazon, Brookstone, but I ordered it through Amazon.

Drama serves a purpose though, I guess.


It builds my character at least, but I wish it wasn’t necessary.

It makes me more patient, but I like to think of myself as patient already, but the constant testing makes me feel rage. I’m very rageful, when I’m being tested for nothing, but the testing. I could feel empathy without the testing, but the testing for the sake of testing, only makes me mad.

I see everything as vanity, according to Solomon from the Bible.

I agree with him. Vanity in music, vanity in staring at the mirror, at your own beauty, and I see vanity in everything under the sun, but I see a purpose in everything too. Talk about a conflicting soul, where you see total opposites in the same things.

That might be my problem, I look at the positivity of both sides of conflictions. There is too much conflictions in the world today, to be happy, unless you’re a ignorantly blissful consumer. I tried the consumer blissfulness route, and it brought me dramas galore.

The dramas are over, and stopped up for now.

As a plug, that was shoved into it’s flooding flow of my life. Stress is the reward of that flooding flow.

I’d like a real true vacation from the dramas of life… but that is permanent, death, and vacations should be temporary. Where the stress rolls over your shoulders like a waterfall. You don’t have to travel to see new scenery, you just enjoy breathing without stress and dramas.

Wishing you all a life of drama free, that’s impossible in this world… but a reasonable and healthy amount of dramas, rather than a flood of dramas. A small babbling brook, rather than a monsoon floods.