Tesla Had Insight

Sound Is
The Secret Creation

Of The Universe

Sound is what created the universe and all the galaxies it contains. More tech about the Torus here, it’s over my head literally and understandably.

Here’s a video of Tesla’s theory to be proven right…sound is the key to understand the creation of the universe and Earth.


It’s when I think I know everything, I get whacked in the head, by what I didn’t know or see… and I feel humbled and dumb.

I’ve always been amazed by sound, rock music in the beginning of my amazement with sound, and it went to clean sound of acoustical guitars, and then the melodies and rhythms, amazed me… and it still is growing… samples, waves, mp3, formats, etc. … I need to use etc. before I get a headache from the searching in my brain.

Sound is more complicated than this post, it cover books that would fill a library on just sound… if not a couple of libraries.

But sound has always been a marvel, the words being sung by some siren with a beautiful voice and tone, not like me, with a dirty voice and tone, which is usually out of tune of the key.

I don’t have the ear, but musically I have the talent of rhythms and melodies… but not the vocals  and singing though… I have the talent of folk singing, telling a story.

Electrons are sound waves, not like the particles, that we were taught in High School.

So thanks to Tesla, for sticking to his guns to dispel lies… there is so much more to learn about this world, the lies are mixed with the truths, and we should sort them out.

Sound frequencies heal also, I need to find my frequency of healing to get rid of this bedsore.