Tennis Elbow : a clear understanding

— Tennis Elbow : a clear understanding of it —


arm-312020_640I had tennis elbow before. It only lasted a couple of hours to a couple of days, but I’ve had it for over a week now. The pain of tennis elbow, is a muscle pain, or a tendon pain. Mainly a nerve pain, cause that sends the pain to the brain receptors.

I put on an ice pack, I had in the freezer over the spot in the elbow responsible for the pain. It was a little spot where the muscle of your fingers connects to your elbow. I was impressed by this anatomy lesson yesterday. You who have known about it for years, even decades, please be patient with my ignorance of it. I’m sure there are many like me in the world.

This video of the tennis elbow explained it to me, so that I could understand clearly. His explaining of the massage techniques was helpful, and the ice pack therapy was extremely helpful. I took liberty with the massage techniques that were presented, so feel free yourself. Just if it has pain, you need to stop and go away.

You need to feel good and happy, and not restricted to heal.

I felt fine when I woke up, well it lingered, but I wasn’t fighting the throbbing pain.



I understand the pain with a clarity that was absent before. All that was left was the pain, without an understanding of why, this video revealed why.


Oh I went and picked up a 40lb bag of water softener salt, after writing this, and enflamed what was once calm and relaxed. I’m throbbing again, but now I’m informed.

I need an ice pack.