Technology Invasion

— Technology Invasion —




The constant technology invasion of our lives, wanting control over the info, that makes up our lives.

The retention of that info, makes you less than human. Without that device, you seem lost, and you can’t recall the info without it.

The human mind marries technology, or it is invaded by technology… I don’t know which yet.

The technology  invasion seems helpful at times, and can be a pain in the neck at other times. When you call someone, and they tell you it isn’t in their computer. So it mustn’t have happened, but it just happened to you.

We are led by what the computers say to us, so we are the subjects to technology’s rule.

When we want to add numbers, we would be lost without a calculator, or a cash register. The design of those machines that performed those actions, were designed from the human mind in the first place. So, we are our own worst enemies.


The humanity, lost by our own hands with killings through wars, accidents, murders, and the likes. It makes us into monsters in the history books. Now with us playing God, we create our own destruction.

The humanity is slowly dying, or being reborn, transforming into another form of life… of a bionic nature.

The new technology is a sign of the future’s grace, or tyranny. It all depends on whether you’re an optimist, or a pessimist.

I digress into my shell with all this invasive tech looking for control over our lives.



I stick my head out of my shell like a turtle to make a conclusion, but I’m at a loss for words.

The fact that we are limited by our intelligences to make any conclusions.

Just try and be silent, it is as hard as making of any sense of your wonderment.