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Love at Home

Charity at Home is, but a few simple steps     Charities are many with a Paypal account, I had a large sum of money from my Mom’s death this year… or last year… I just received the last deposit. My mind is as disheveled as this house is right now, but Paypal is the …

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MOTH : Matters of the Heart to Me – 2


— MOTH : Matters of the Heart to Me – 2 —   The Matters of the Heart to me is the MOTH, and it entails all the ups and downs of life. The positives that will lead to the negativity eventually. It’s critical thinking taken to the extremes. It’s about life in general, and …

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Algorithmic Manipulations taking Over

algorithmic manipulations

— Algorithmic Manipulations taking Over —   The world is being taken over by algorithmic manipulations by different tech companies, vying for a place in power on the proverbial hill. Google’s being one of them, and they go further and further into the shadows, while their inventions, go further into the spotlight. Google got into …

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FB’s influence on Society

— FB’s influence on Society —   Mark Zuckerberg’s FaceBook is addicting to the narcissistic qualities in us all, we all have that tint of narcissism, like the dark side has that tint of light, and the light side has that tint of darkness, they call it the yin and yang of the nature of …

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