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Firewood Keeps us Warm and Cozy


— Firewood Keeps us Warm and Cozy —   Firewood keeps us warm and cozy on a cold winter’s night. Any heat keeps us warm and cozy, whether propane, fuel oil, or electric. The cost is the question. Do you have enough finances to keep your home warm for another cold winter. I’ve never thought …

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The Winter Sermon

— The Winter Sermon —       I was looking through an old Cassette tape I made, and this was written the flyer I made up… click here to hear spacey music during the read.       The Winter Sermon In everyone’s life there is a time when we experience a loss, and …

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setting up for the fall

— Setting up for the Fall —   The first day of winter is 3 weeks away, and I don’t feel like shedding my leaves. So I’ll look like a sick tree for the winter, and the snow will pile up and break my branches, If I’m lucky. We all are trees, we inhabit this …

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