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What’s on my Mind?

Nothing! Fantasies of conversing with someone, more or less God… my creator, deceiver, and confidant, and also a motivator, truth, and revealer… illusion giver, and delusion giver too. God is a mystery to me, and God should be forever… cause once I know God, I am dead… God is everything Good and Evil, as Isaiah …

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Waste Material as a Fertilizer

Manure on the Fields of Humanity. I guess the world will be a better place, without the cynical me on it. It makes me sad and mad at least, so I guess, that I spread sadness and madness, wherever I go. George Harrison made an album “All Things Must Pass”, and the song All Things …

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Creative Sparks?

  To Start a Creative Fire in your Heart. When you’re lost in the forest of thoughts, and Wondering takes control, and becomes a tyrant taking away your freedoms… but you seek truth and freedom, and rebel against control from the tyrant “Wondering”, and now you feel free. Free to clear your thoughts from being …

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Weeds or Wild Flowers


What Determines a Weed?   The world today is quick to call wildflowers weeds, cause they don’t know the use of yet. It’s easier to call them weeds, and let them be done with it. This what my lawn would look like, and the noxious weed officers gave me a warning that I had to …

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A Call To Awakening : One Guy’s View

— A Call To Awakening : One Guy’s View —   I think more or less like this (Jason Silva) guy, but I show more respect and honor to God. He says Astronauts are atheists, the more I hear from Astronauts, they hold their faith to themselves. They don’t know. They are more agnostics, if …

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Raising Seedlings of Crops and Weeds

— Raising Seedlings of Crops and Weeds —   Religions are the nurseries that raise the seedlings. Some grow into weeds and some grow into producing good fruit. There is a purpose to both, crops and the weeds. The crops feed us, and the weeds cure us. We just haven’t discovered the purposes of all …

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Tomidjah’s Rant #12 – Lies


— Tomidjah’s Rant #12 – I’m Tired of the Lies —     From the corporate lies and the political lies, it’s a mess. The growing of weeds at an exponential rate in this garden of a world. It’s out of control. Do I sound hopeless, and in despair? Despair is a heavy burden to …

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setting up for the fall

— Setting up for the Fall —   The first day of winter is 3 weeks away, and I don’t feel like shedding my leaves. So I’ll look like a sick tree for the winter, and the snow will pile up and break my branches, If I’m lucky. We all are trees, we inhabit this …

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