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Sometimes, The World is Heavy like a Cross


— Sometimes, The World is Heavy like a Cross — 10/25/2016     The world must be regulated and controlled. In order to organize it, and it, to be understood. Like Atlas beared the world on his shoulders, the world is so heavy like a cross. That Jesus carried for the populations as an example. …

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Election’s the Big Global Scam


— Election’s the Big Global Scam : Fresh New Scams every year — 10/17/2016 Every year we go through an election of scammers and spammers. Who lie to make us feel better on voting for them. The lying is becoming a norm, and we are excepting them. We are being conditioned like some psychological experiment. …

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Spiritually Awakened : or fatally sleeping

spiritually awakened

— Spiritually Awakened : or deadly sleeping  — 09/11/2016   I‘ve been spiritually awakened about the umpteenth time in my life with new enlightenments. Spiritually awakened how many times? The number I don’t know. I questioned what I think is the Spirit of God, and asked God why is everybody always seeing a different picture …

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Vote for me

Vote For Me (a very verbose satirical piece)   I‘m not a politician, but I wouldn’t do a better or worse job than the ones we vote for already. It would kill me. The way I see age hitting the politicians today, and throughout history, I imagine I’ll be dead before I finish my first …

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