CIA Experiments With Brain Enhancements

These videos are about Brain Enhancement techniques that the CIA documented with the US Army. Copied and Pasted from Youtube: “The report entitled Analysis and Assessment of The Gateway Process was penned in 1983 by US Army Lieutenant Colonel Wayne M McDonnell. McDonnell described the Gateway Experience as ‘a training system designed to bring enhanced …

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Prisons in an Old Walmart

Update: Trump signed an executive order stopping separation of families with their children… it’s a shame that we resort to this… living with freedom by dictates. Walmart, We built the Trump Wall It may seem like a conspiratorial story, but it became true. Abandoned Walmarts are becoming prisons, well, seemingly detention centers for children of …

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Let’s Support the Party

— Let’s Support the Party, hmm I wonder where I heard  that before ? —     In the USSR they lived by that ideology, to support the party, which was reason not to celebrate in partying and good times. The people decided they liked the freedoms of capitalism, that is a false freedom, that …

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