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2Rains – Always Believe in your Love

2Rains – Always Believe in your Love     Always Believe in your Love, was a love song to God and His Creation… Earth. I’ve come from a child in God’s eyes, and listened to all the stories of limited understandings in religions. I believed in all the stories, cause they opened my eyes to …

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When We’re Bitter

    This was done in DaVinci Resolve 15.   It’s FREE too. It has its pluses and negatives, but I’m growing more in love with it, as I figure it out. The only thing is the negative part of editing, it makes me want to express my extreme displeasure… but that doesn’t do me any …

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Delusions: Self Righteous Judgment

road to judgment

Delusional Minds Lead the World The meaning of delusions is born from judging other people. We shouldn’t judge other people. Otherwise, that delusion hooks you, and you’re pulled into vortex of not judging yourself. When you judge others, it is easier than you think, to get hooked. Self righteous judgments are a tumbleweeds going with …

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Radical Christianity vs Radical Islam

— Radical Christianity vs Radical Islam : Born out of Judaism —   The dangers of radical Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, and the media are feeding the fervors of radicalism in all religions. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all born out of the Abrahamic traditions. We are all the seed of Abraham, but we are …

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Universe … Music and Sound


— Music and Sound … Universe —   In this universe, Uni = One, and  Verse = Song,  according to Prince Ea in this video. I had a way with not getting mad at this video, but he talked and I agreed… it was hard to swallow. I was saying “it’s easy for you”, but …

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Trumpmania : The end of rational Truth

— Trumpmania : The end of rational Truth and Accountability —     Trumpmania, the hype around Trump’s run for the U.S. presidency. Where it’s a true reality show, staged and hired. The protesters, I suspect to be staged, a common occurrence on reality shows, the Trump’s homeland along with real estate, gambling, and any …

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Sound of Silence is Darkness

sound of silence

— Sound of Silence is Darkness in Complicity —   The sound of silence is more what the politicians need to do, instead of they’re sticking their feet in their mouths. In fact, sometimes multiple times. The egos battle daily between each other, when they’re totally ignorant with the swinging of the conjectural weapons. That …

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How do we communicate with Aliens

— How do we communicate with Aliens ?—   I think the medium to communicate with Aliens is the spirit of God, we have yet to discover the medium of God. We love to delude ourselves and praise God, with empty words, as if it pleases God. God is not pleased, God left us here, …

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Are we real?

Are we Real?   It seems the reality we see and think we exist in could be just a simulation, an illusion of the great spirit, or just another theory that proved false. I believe in the creator, God made things to evolve, so science the other religion, has some truth to it. Science gave …

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The Universe under a microscope, as if we were Gods

The Universe under a Microscope “Thunderbolts of the Gods” The makeup of the universe under a microscope, this documentary speaks of what they don’t know, but theorizes about it. I found it interesting as well strong disagreement with the egos displayed. The universe is vast and void, with the unknown. Some call it God, heck …

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