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New Ukraine’s Free Society

— New Ukraine’s Free Society —   Freedom is distorted in my view, it’s becomes a self serving religion, denying everyone’s else religions. The body of Christ is the makeup of all the Christian religions, each different religions may makeup the organs of that body. The organs are responsible of taking out the nutrients, and …

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OK to go to war with Ukraine and Russia

— OK to go to war with Ukraine and Russia with falsified evidence — Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) presented Russian tanks on the eastern Ukraine border, but they were from the Georgian incident in 2008. This Senator is thirsty for war, and making everyone feel the heat from the cold war days, which wasn’t so cold, …

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Reflection of Life

  Reflection of Life: Overcome the Fear I take the time today to take a reflection of life, and wonder why people don’t take me seriously, they are always saying I take life more serious than it is. So I guess if I’m to be happy, I need a big helping of indifference, and feast …

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