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2Rains – So Much To Say

2Rains – So Much To Say This is a song we made in Alaska. It talks about forgiveness, and is the ultimate message of the song. Mike was playing bass and the keyboard drums, we didn’t have a drum set.  I  was playing guitar, keyboard and singing. That was almost 21 years ago, but it …

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Let Them In, Peter through the Gateway

let them in

— Let Them In ; Through Heaven’s Gate, they died in deceptions —   This song by John Gorka, “Let Them In” says what they deserve. It’s talking to St. Peter at the gateway to heaven. A poem by Elma Dean in 1942, “Letter to St. Peter”, was turned into the song by John Gorka. Though …

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I need to get Back to Music

back to music

— I need to get Back to Music : Music is Therapeutic Relaxation —   I just bought the Zoom R8, and I’ve had a headache with the logic side of my brain, and trying to deal with the creative side of my brain, only one side wins. There is no harmony, unless I let …

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