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Western Media Madness : Biased or Not

western media

— Western Media Madness : Biasness Distortions —   Middle East, China, Africa, and Russia, they’re displayed as different from the western cultures, but they’re the other people that make up the global dynamics of this planet.   One world govt is what we have to deal with, it’s inevitable. We need to obscure the …

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Age and Terminologies ; The dynamics of Humanity

age and terminologies

— Age and Terminologies —   Age and terminologies change the dynamics of the world we live in, sometimes to the extremes like a strong winds of a storm, and sometimes the light winds of a summer breeze, but the overall effect is, it changes the dynamics of your life. What was once sin became …

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Been learning a little programming

— Programming languages, the number is infinite — I‘ve spent the last 3 weeks trying to learn PHP, a server side scripting language, to makeup for the limitations client side JavaScript. All the scripting is accessing the SQL databases, which is the main course of programming, you have libraries/databases which carries double meanings to the …

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