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Modern Marketing : Thorn in my Side

Barbed Wires

The Devil’s Marketing Practices Modern Marketing techniques is vast and dangerous. They take the form of what’s trending in society and take it as their own form of property, and then try to sell it to you, but you don’t know, that you already own it. It was given to you by the grace of …

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Death Sentences : Time of the Judgment Day

death sentences

— Death Sentences : the Time of the Judgment Day —     I respect your judicial system, like I respect my Judicial system, but I don’t have to agree with it. My nation isn’t religious, it’s separate from religion. The populations are religious, or are free to be religious, but not mixed with the …

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Tsipras Resigns : Greece goes to the Polls

— Tsipras Resigns : Greece goes to the Polls —     At the end of January they elected him, and now with Europe giving the Greeks another bailout… austerity rules, and when we face our bailout here, hopefully we won’t deal with the austerity measures that Greece did. Doomsayers are like echoes on the …

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Corporations vs Religions

— Corporations vs Religions —   The irony of Profits vs Prophets… there isn’t much difference, and neither should be involved in politics. Each are seeking influence in the state’s laws to protect the populations, and that dilutes its protective properties of the law, and the lawyers are the solvents that break up the laws, …

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IRS day

— IRS day —   The end of this video goes on longer than I liked, but everyone likes it longer. It talks about the Tax deadline, and it gets a bad rap. They pay my way through this world, but I would rather get a job, but I’ve become quite unsociable with all the …

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