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The Hypocrisy of Trump : Declaring War on Syria


— The Hypocrisy of Trump : Killing to serve the agendas of ??? — Breaking News UPDATE: The Syrian War Trump has started a war with Syria. As I was writing this following post. General Mattis was the one forcing an invasion of Syria during the Obama administration, and seems to have succeeded with the …

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I watched the Movie “Spaceman”


—  The Movie “Spaceman”, and also watched the US debates — 09/28/2016 It was about a left handed pitcher named Bill “Spaceman” Lee. It was actually a true story, even though it was Hollywoodized. It struck a nerve with me, that even in Baseball, they blacklist you. Every profession is made up of a network …

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Syrian Summers

— Syrian Summers —   I saw this on Frontline today, this is the whole episode, but you have to buy it to watch the whole episode, or you can wait a several months, when it’s not news anymore. I thought PBS was an educational station, but it’s going the way of greed… I don’t …

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War Deniability

— War Deniability —   Wartime deniability is running rampant throughout the world, with collateral damages everywhere, and deniability is running alongside the collateral damages, claiming they didn’t do it. They’re “bombs did it”, and the people shouldn’t live next to their targets. It’s like the NRA saying their guns don’t kill people, it’s the …

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The Big Picture

— The Big Picture of Life —   The big picture of life in general, covers so much area that the normal human misses the details, that need to be seen, if you ever will come to grips with what’s important. So much get’s buried or assumed to be wrong in the end, that turns …

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Propaganda gone Wild


— Propaganda gone Wild —  I fell for this shite a few weeks ago, or maybe sooner. The sharing madness on the FB makes the mind like mush, that the timelines seem like ball of shares. I saw this boy saving his sister in the heat of sniper fire, and thought it was real…but to …

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World : A look 24 years back

western media

World : a letter from 24 years ago I found a piece I wrote 24 years ago to the world. It’s a bit comical, but I feel the same way tonight. The first Iraq war was going on in 1990, and I was against that war too. I feel almost the exact same way, with …

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