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Census: an Intrusion or an Enhancement

ACS   I was brought in this year to the ACS( American Community Survey), instead of every decade, it goes on every year. I declined to answer their questions this year, I’m still going to answer the 10 year questions next year… but I’m not going to answer the very intrusive questions, that give the …

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Old Antibiotics and Tennis Elbow


— Old Antibiotics and Tennis Elbow : Spaghetti Squash — Update: It seemed it didn’t work, my hopes were dashed. I stopped wearing the braces, now my right arm is now in full blown tennis elbow pain. The left arm is fading from the pain. Tennis elbow is a dickhead. So this post was a …

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Sandy Bland’s death

— Sandy Bland’s death —     For nothing, but an illegal lane change, she was put in jail for 3 days, instead of getting a fine. I saw the whole 52 minutes long tape off the dash cam of the Cop, and I heard all the audio of what went on, and I see …

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