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UFOs or UAPs? It’s unidentified, is all that matters.

Icame across this thing on Youtube where legions of ships, like the Star Wars movies, were filling the sky. I guess it could be fake, but this, is like real time… which could be another con by real actors. I just wanted to post this and you can make up your own mind about it… …

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Space Explorations

— Space Explorations —   The space explorations are mapping out our future. The series of the Asteroid belt and the Kuiper belt in our solar system and beyond into heliopause. Voyager 1 went into interstellar space recently. I don’t know when it will enter the Oort Cloud, but I think it will be destroyed …

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The Universe under a microscope, as if we were Gods

The Universe under a Microscope “Thunderbolts of the Gods” The makeup of the universe under a microscope, this documentary speaks of what they don’t know, but theorizes about it. I found it interesting as well strong disagreement with the egos displayed. The universe is vast and void, with the unknown. Some call it God, heck …

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