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Spirit? How to define it?

jews for jesus

— Spirit? How to define it? —   This will be either a long tedious writing or a short witty whimsical writing, or both… The scriptures were written from the inspirations of the spirit of mankind. Spirit is such a word that encapsulates all that’s living and dead… it covers memories of the living and …

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Heaven and Hell, a battlefield called Earth

— Heaven and Hell, a battlefield called Earth —   God, the worldly spirit, and the people of Earth. The true trinity in the reality of the world, as I see it, from afar without the details that confuse you. A simple understanding from a simple man.   John 4:24  –  “God is a Spirit: …

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Drug called loneliness

— Drug called loneliness — I’ve done numerous mind altering drugs, but imagination and loneliness goes further than any drug. You need drugs when you are dead in the mind, it raises your imaginations from the tomb of unconsciousness. I mean a trip on drugs is scary to many, but enjoyable to me. But I …

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Religion or Christ’s Spirit

Religion or Christ’s Spirit I choose Christ’s Spirit…religion is so tyrannical. Jesus or religion, is the question we are left with, since religion killed Christ, I see they battle till there is a winner. I choose Christ as the example, I’ll follow, instead of religion’s dogmas and traditions. They angered Jesus’ patience with the money …

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