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Coding replacing Hardware

internet of things

  With the new interconnection of the Internet of Things, the coding of the operating systems of those devices are replacing tubes that are autonomous with their mechanical nature. The coding is replacing the need of mechanics. We bought TVs and they lasted 22 years, and you had to give it away, cause no one …

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NVIDIA Shield is Like The Red Shield

nvidia shield

  The NVIDIA Shield is the most disappointing buy… it’s done the way that Google wants it. We all know that Google has a hard time answering questions… maybe they’ll get back to you, maybe they won’t. I’m guessing they’ll pick the latter. I’ve had a full day getting acquainted with NVIDIA Shield, and say …

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KODI Something Like the XBMC

KODI got its start as an add-on for the XBOX, but progressed as an app that controls  hardware. I just got into media centers with PLEX, and I just found out about KODI, and it seems far more superior than PLEX. I get thumbnails to all my media with KODI. I’ll  wait and see what …

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