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The Diverse Interconnected World

diverse interconnected world

— The Diverse Interconnected World : A Convoluted Mess —   The diversity of the world could be a convoluted mess, or a more complex intricate beauty. It came into my mind today when I looked at this video about Portland cement. I saw everything was interconnected with each other, about the thousandth time in …

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Religions before Sacraments and Traditions


Religions before Sacraments, Traditions : Diluting with Pollutants 10/03/2016 God is the main focus of a religion, but we don’t agree on what God is. I’m a basket case trying to figure what God is. The old quote “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad” is a phrase spoken by Prometheus in Henry …

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Egos RIP in the Music Industry

— Egos RIP in the Music Industry — 09/26/2016 Going down for the last time in the sea of egos RIP, bobbing like apples in the bucket. I see a massive drowning from the proud apples stepping on the fame seekers. Also the record company execs, that live like parasites on the talented singers and …

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IP madness in the Clouds

— IP madness in the Clouds —   The SPAM servers line the Clouds with a silver lining… a tarnished silver. I need a polished silver lining… tarnished silver is full of dirtiness covering the shine of silver’s truth, with lies and misrepresentations. I am true, but you make me suffer the lies. An army …

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