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PCs & Me.

The New Birth of Me & PCs Collide. I was extremely depressed before my breaking my back, bordering on suicidal, where I tried to OD on PCP, and woke up blind, and told my Colonel commanding officer to “Fuck Off” through a closed door, cause he was knocking on my door to inspect my dorm …

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Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall.

This was a good song in 1979 when it came out. But over the last 45 years, it has taken on a new meaning in my life… it’s part of the break up of Pink Floyd, and they went their separate ways, being sprayed with Graffiti into colorful little Bricks… but they are bricks of …

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Delusions of Fame and Fortune


— Delusions of Fame and Fortune : A personal story —   Delusions with a gain, like fame and fortune are always a trap, much like the mousetraps of today. With the bait and trap, and if it’s not death, it is a wicked pain to say the least.   I did commercials when I …

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Push a button and stop govt

The school year begins for me when others end their school year. Today I go back to school and learn about WordPress, and next month I take a basic electric class filling the gaps of understanding that make me feel uncomfortable about wiring on my own…except speaker voltage. I’ve been in school my whole life, …

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