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Foo Fighters UFOs

  Little Orbs of White Light The little orbs of white light coming down and never touching and landing on the ground, was like the videos I made a playlist of, and is unexplained sightings. I experienced one, and a missing 1/2 hour of time occurred  too, or maybe it was an hour. It was …

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UFOs using Water as the Fuel

  UFOs what fuels do they use? This is the video that inspired me to relive my childhood memory, of an experience of witnessing a UFO hovering over a reservoir. She talked about how they get oxygen for breathing for the Astronauts on the ISS(International Space Station). They pass an electrical current through water, to …

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The Real Star Wars… UFO footage

— The Real Star Wars… UFO footage by NASA —     This is one I thought was conspiratorial of a real star wars, but it’s presented as real footage by NASA. I know they can be faked with overlays, but it’s presented as true footage. I believed this, before I saw this, so I …

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