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Republican 5th Debate


— Republican 5th Debate : The Debates of Fools —   I sat through the 5th Republican debate of 2015, and they said the same things in the previous debates. They want to protect the American people, by killing those who threaten our way of life. It’s the words of thugs, we’ll do the drive …

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— Gentrify : I just learned a new word —   The video I learned the word gentrify from … If you want to feed the war pigs, go to youtube to see it… I’m sick of power seekers screwing up the world. The only good line out of it is the Word Gentrify in …

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Democracy is like the Borgs on Star Trek

— Democracy is like the Borgs on Star Trek —   “Resistance is Futile” You will be assimilated, we are Democracy. Sometimes I believe I’m in a Star Trek: Next Generation episode, dealing with the tyrannies of democracy; dealing with the collective mind that is constantly at battles with their own thoughts, like a crazy …

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