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Social Madness of Everyone Disagreeing

— Social Madness of Everyone Disagreeing  —   The social madness of everyone disagreeing and judging everyone, is making the political world a mess. People like Trump doesn’t make sense of the world with their overbearing egos. He manages to turn the subject into self made boasting. It’s been over a year, and he’s never …

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The Hypocrisy of Trump : Declaring War on Syria


— The Hypocrisy of Trump : Killing to serve the agendas of ??? — Breaking News UPDATE: The Syrian War Trump has started a war with Syria. As I was writing this following post. General Mattis was the one forcing an invasion of Syria during the Obama administration, and seems to have succeeded with the …

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Sometimes, The World is Heavy like a Cross


— Sometimes, The World is Heavy like a Cross — 10/25/2016     The world must be regulated and controlled. In order to organize it, and it, to be understood. Like Atlas beared the world on his shoulders, the world is so heavy like a cross. That Jesus carried for the populations as an example. …

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