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Tomidjah’s Rant #11 – Lamentations

—  Lamentations —   With the scams being brought upon the innocent and the meek, by the strong misguided people, I’m left getting a gun and blowing my own brains out, or drugging myself into a coma, either way would be better than the life I have now. IRS scams, insurance scams, freedom scams, etc, …

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Elections Farces : Elections Forces

elections farces

— Elections Farces : Elections Forces — 10/09/2016 Election farces is a run of the mill everyday event, on the societal stages of the world nowadays. Here in the U.S. we have a stage of wannabe presidents. Who have more experiences of messing things up, if anything. The stages should be full of all the …

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I watched the Movie “Spaceman”


—  The Movie “Spaceman”, and also watched the US debates — 09/28/2016 It was about a left handed pitcher named Bill “Spaceman” Lee. It was actually a true story, even though it was Hollywoodized. It struck a nerve with me, that even in Baseball, they blacklist you. Every profession is made up of a network …

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Super Delegates : The Ones who won’t Let Go

— Super Delegates : The Ones who won’t Let Go of Power —   Super Delegates, the ones who were in office, and when their term ended… they refused to go home to their old jobs. Now, they’ve been titled Super Delegates. It takes the votes away from the people, and feeds the power to …

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The People’s Choice?

— The People’s Choice, and Not the Party’s Choice —     Well, it seems Super Delegates is only a microscopic views of the people’s choice. They are not elected to choose. They’re just the self elected elite that want to rule this nation from the shadows. I knew there was a broken system running, …

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mob mentality

— Trump MOB MENTALITY : The only thing squashing our rights —     The mob mentality is a dangerous thing to a free society. I’m sure there are Trump’s supporters in my friend’s realm, but I will pray for them for their blindness. He likes to lead the cattle to their slaughter, and sell …

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Different Realities

— Different Realities —   The thought of everyone alive living in different realities, seems so real, when you look at every politician alive today. They all talk of different views of the same thing. With these views, it’s a wonder, why we ain’t extinct.     And this following video of Trump, isn’t much …

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Syria’s Civil Murders

— Syria’s Civil Murders… the Reasons for Refugee’s Crisis —   When is civility equated with war and murder, it’s a crime to the max, a sin against God’s creations. “Allah Akbar” when I hear that from the hypocrisy, from someone who doesn’t honor God or God’s creations, it makes me sick to my stomach. …

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Judgment : Conjecture or Fact

— Judgment : Conjecture or Fact — We are so quick to judge by conjecture, the incomplete facts that we are fed by the mainstream media. It happens with the polls every election day, we get statistics that are supposed to be assumed conclusions by the pollsters.   This is on the Diebold machines that …

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