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Words are Eaten, and Go into the Digestion Cycle

With Thoughts, We Digest the Words, into Poops Again. It’s a neverending cycle, we eat BS, and think about it, and then BS to others… it’s been going on like that, since time began. Words = Poops I guess I can theorize on that thought, until my time runs out, and I fall asleep/passageways/expire, and …

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It’s Worst, Than You Thought

AI   Art & Photo Generators It makes Art easier for the artist, or someone who is not an artist at all… and can manipulate photos at will and blend them to create new art… with AI anything is possible. This is an AI Pixabay image with a snow scene, it saved me from wasting …

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Anticipation of Memories

— Anticipated Memories —  Through Photographs we experience the anticipated memories, this guy is full of ideas…or gets them from his readings. I always looked at photos as capturing the past, and they are left behind to carry on our legacy to the next generations. He brings up “anticipated memories”, which is a different look …

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