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Smart Cities and Smart Cars

smart cities

— Smart Cities and Smart Cars —   Smart everything, except the people. We label everything as smart, and it doesn’t matter that we degrade ourselves in the process. AEB(automatic emergency braking) is being mandated on all new cars, meaning the braking is out of your control, and is control of a computer chip instead. …

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Smartphones, Flipphones, and No Phones


— Smartphones, Flipphones, and No Phones —       I had a flipPhone, then I bought a smartphone, and felt dumb, and I usually called people unaware of how to hang it up. The FlipPhone all I had to do was close it, and it was hung up. People just said push a red …

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News of the Day 10/30/15

— News of the Day 10/30/15 —   Somebody from Goodbye to Gravity’s new album, Mantras of War set fire to an indoor rock concert in Bucharest, Romania, and killed 27 people and injured almost 180 people, it housed 400 people with only one exit. It was a tragedy waiting to happen.   [mks_separator style=”dashed” …

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Iphone, smart phone

Smartphones and DumbPeople   Smartphones, they are draining your intelligence, and you are actually becoming addicted to the simplicity they offer. Much like the calculator, made you dependent/hooked to the ease of mathematical procedures. You’re an addict! They give you ease of understanding the world, with trinkets like a camera, but your mind is a …

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