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Understanding Fertilizing the Crops


— Understanding Fertilizing the Crops — 10/21/2016 I‘m no expert on fertilizing. In fact, I had to study a lot over the last few years about Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium. There are also many trace nutrients that I had to study too. I forget them though, as soon as time goes by though. If I …

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Watering Strengths or Weaknesses

— Watering Strengths or Weaknesses —     Watering strengths or weaknesses, you have to make that choice. Water doesn’t have any nutritional value, except for certain minerals, but without it, we will shrivel up and die. I learned that I needed water, to have strength. Which was a surprise to me, cause it was …

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List of High pH foods

— List of High pH foods —   I‘m not a doctor, so don’t take my words as if they were, or sue me for giving medical advice. I’ll just witness of my Mom having cancer in her mouth, and the raw Spirulina pH is anywhere between 8-13, which tastes horrible, I don’t think it …

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Chemo this

— Chemo this —   I was really impressed by this woman and her daughter standing up to the medical industry, they didn’t want Chemo drugs, and they wanted to bring them up on charges.   The court ruled against them and is forcing the treatment, is this what Obamacare is about? Chemo is not …

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Cancer Killers : Freedom to Research it on your Own


— Cancer Killers — Dr. Otto Warburg won a nobel peace prize in 1931 for the discovery that cancer can’t survive in oxygen rich blood, and all the chemo drugs acidify your blood. Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a …

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