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Anna Graceman – Words

  Anna Graceman is someone I’ve been a fan of, since I’ve gotten to see her after her America’s Got Talent debut, or somewhere around that on Youtube, I learned of her on AGT, after I saw her on Youtube. My memory is lacking sometimes… but I have a problem with this song, and others …

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Music has Evolved from Analog to Digital

— Music has Evolved from Analog to Digital : Death to music, or Life —   I see it as a death to music, and the freedom to be alive to music also. It’s an evolution to music and to artists. The world doesn’t stop changing. We went from analog vinyl record albums, I even …

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Universe … Music and Sound


— Music and Sound … Universe —   In this universe, Uni = One, and  Verse = Song,  according to Prince Ea in this video. I had a way with not getting mad at this video, but he talked and I agreed… it was hard to swallow. I was saying “it’s easy for you”, but …

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I bought a New Musical Instrument

seaboard rise musical instrument

— I bought a New Musical Instrument —   I bought a keyboard that I can lay on my lap, and I can get expressive, as I can, to get the sounds I’m hearing. I always dreamed of this instrument. It has the presets inside that come with a synthesizer, so it requires no midi …

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Music Realizations

— Music Realizations —   I always thought Pete Seeger wrote Little Boxes, but I learned Malvina Reynolds wrote it. You learn something new everyday, if you have the heart for music realizations… revealing falsehoods that you tell yourself.     Facing the truth is better than believing in lies, they may get you to …

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