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The Right of Return, No Matter What Race

Israelis or Palestinians It doesn’t matter what race you are, you want to return where your ancestors were living for centuries, even millennia, without deeds, you’re shit outta luck, pertaining to the legalities of ownership. We have Israelis and Palestinians battling over the same land, with terrorism on both sides of the conflict. I woke …

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Coding replacing Hardware

internet of things

  With the new interconnection of the Internet of Things, the coding of the operating systems of those devices are replacing tubes that are autonomous with their mechanical nature. The coding is replacing the need of mechanics. We bought TVs and they lasted 22 years, and you had to give it away, cause no one …

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Bride to Be… Science?

— Bride to Be… Science? I always suspected this —   The thought of Science being the Christ bride, is what I always thought of being the scenario of a wedding that will bless the world. I may be totally off my rocker, but I see it as an opportunity to enlighten, beyond compare. Religions …

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Do you Mind, Uploading your Mind


— Uploading your Mind —  This blog/rant is way of uploading my mind for all to see.  I think my words are living in the past, present, and the future about life. Which is a dream for all bloggers. I have something to say. Sometimes I wished, I was silent, but I speak/type, and the …

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